Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Myloader: resolving errors with no clear message

If you have a special configuration in mysqld (no default config) perhaps you will find these two cases of error working with myloader tool:

1) The first issue looks like a problem with the backup file...... but it is not. Message:
** (myloader:42526): CRITICAL **: cannot open file vcadminweb.message.sql.gz (24) * (myloader:46190): CRITICAL
In my case, I needed to check and to change the open files:
ulimit -n 10000        ..... and solved!
2) The second one looks like a problem accessing to the database.... but it is not. Message:
**: Error switching to database CMSB076 whilst restoring table multidevicevideo_players
In my case, it was a timewait very low in the mysqld config.
wait_timeout       = 300 
solved the issue for me.


  1. Thanks for this post! I was getting the "Error switching to database" error, the wait_timeout fix worked for me too

    1. Hey Paul... i am happy for you. It's great. Finally this post was useful for someone.... hehehe!