Wednesday, January 29, 2014

sockstat-zabbix-template monitor

Zabbix 2.2 comes with support of loadable modules for extending Zabbix agent and server without sacrificing performance.
A loadable module is basically a shared library used by Zabbix server or agent and loaded on startup. The library should contain certain functions, so that a Zabbix process may detect that the file is indeed a module it can load and work with.
Loadable modules have a number of benefits. Great performance and ability to implement any logic are very important, but perhaps the most important advantage is the ability to develop, use and share Zabbix modules. It contributes to trouble-free maintenance and helps to deliver new functionality easier and independently of the Zabbix core code base.
I have created a agent module to parse the /proc/net/sockstat info for Zabbix > 2.2.x
You will be able to watch the orphan sockets or the timewait sockets. They are interesting for: DDOS detection, leaks in webapps services etc etc...

Friday, January 17, 2014

wowza-zabbix-template monitor

This is a minimal template to get info about your wowza rest url in your Zabbix Platform.
Two items, by now:
  • Global connections in the Wowza
  • Global Live streams number
The template uses Zabbix macros to define the user/pass Wowza server url. It permits a fast configuration because of you can apply the same template to all your wowza hosts and to change the user/pass usermacros per host only.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tor Zeigeist 2013

A tiny translation of my post:

My steps for this report:

  • I created a .onion domain
  • I kept it hidden to Tor (without wiki publishing...)
  • After that, I created in that .onion domain one static web page: Gray background and only one "post" box like Google search webpage.
  • I Put a little tittle: "search engine" or similar
  • And I "Logged" the words in the search box.
  • Now we had to wait... exactly 6 months.

This is the result:

Welcome to TOR top-search-words. Oh my...!