Thursday, September 17, 2015

atrpms is dead and i need ffmpeg for CentOS 6

Berlin university seems to switch off the server running the atrpms repo. That is not official but after 10 days down it is easy to think it.

I have read some post in the CentOS list about this issue. In some answers,  people recommends to choose alternative repos. That is a crap. The recommendations are pointed to choose ffmpeg v0.10.x or similar.... oh come on! the last ffmpeg version today is 2.8.x ... is that serious?

In our infrastructure ffmpeg 2.2.x is valid for us, it is the atrmps version. So I have cloned, in my bintray Centos 6.x repo, the necessary packages (from atrmps) to install ffmpeg 2.2.x and mediainfo tool (with dependencies).

It you are in troubles, you can use our repo for that version install (note1: remember we have strong dependency from EPEL repo, note2: these packages are not official and they don't have any support).

Good luck! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fast install on CentOS 6 for the old smokeping 2.6.8

As always i prefer the fast way....

When I was trying to install smokeping to make some tests to get latencies i found i had to compile it from sources and install some weird CPAN(perl) dependencies etc etc etc.... horrible to make a 5min-test.

So I "borrowed" some packages from here and from there..... and finally we have all the packages to make a "yum install smokeping" without problems.

This is the old 2.6.8 version so, mainly, forget ipv6 support.

As always,  for CentOS 6, at enetres repo.