Sunday, July 3, 2016

Helper script to multiupload RPM files to Bintray repo (and remove packages too)

If you have a big local rpm repo and you would like to upload all the packages to Bintray, I  have forked and "have improved" the hgomez shell scripts.

The "upload shell script" is updated to the current Bintray API and i have improved the output.

The "delete shell script" is just to remove version of packages from Bintray which you have in the local storage but you didn't want in Bintray (and they were uploaded previously). It is a proof of concept for the API, nothing else.

Two details:
  • In the delete-script, I chose to use $1 parameter to point to the files (with wildcards).
  • In the upload-script, RPMS_DIRS is used in the upload curl url, so be careful here. We are using relative path to avoid a long path in the Bintray web.

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